Color me healthy

I never find enough time to try new recipes. I always find good ones while I’m browsing online. I go to the grocery store and immediately find ideas for my next meal but then when the time comes, I just have 20 minutes max to prepare something before heading to work. Trying to eat healthy without any effort is one of the easiest tasks that you should assign everyday. Just pick up some fresh vegetables, add your favorite protein food and enjoy! Raw or cooked – remember that colors mean healthy!

tomatoes cucumbers

Plum tomatoes and cucumbers may look simple but they are the perfect addition to every lunch.

asparagus closer

Pan seared asparagus in  pink pepper infused olive oil

avocado scallions closer

avocado scallions

If you look closer, you’ll see how important is the green color in your veggies. Further, if  you eat your veggies raw, you’ll be receiving biophotons – the smallest physical units of light.  That’s right – vital sun energy finds its way into your cells via the food you eat.

breakfast colors

Prepping and Cooking time: 20 min.

breakfast served

Color me healthy

breakfast closer

Sunny side up eggs, pan seared asparagus, fresh tomato, avocado, kalamata olives garnished with feta cheese and sprinkled scallions.


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