Little French escape in South Boston

I love Boston. This city has a great history, culture and I believe a bright future. It’s full of young professionals looking for different style of entertainment, dining and nightlife. I’m also one of those people who is always up for new places to visit and new food to try. I love American cuisine, Thai kitchen, Japanese food but especially French and Mediterranean food. I’m coming from Europe and there are certain things that I really wish I can find easier in Boston restaurants. Like sweet and savory crepes for breakfast, or like a homemade croissant, or a nice variety of French cheeses ( not just brie ). Well, you know those places that only certain people know about them, the ones that live in the same neighbourhood and only they and their friends go there? We call them hidden gem restaurants.

Fromage in South Boston is one of them and I’m so happy to find it right after it was opened. I love this place not only because of their food, but also because I spend enough time there to know how much effort the owners and the staff put to be succesfull. It’s a neighbourhood place and I can assure you – everyone in Southie loves it! The goal now is to take Fromage out of neighbourhood comfort zone and put it on the top French dining places in Boston.

shrimp skewer

Shrimp skewer with balsamic reduction

The owner and my good friend Tatyana has amazing variety of cheeses from all over the world including cheeses from France, Italy, Spain, USA, Russia, Germany etc. You can get them on a cheese board prepared by herself or you can buy them to go.

moliterno el tartufo

Moliterno al tartufo – sheep’s milk cheese infused with black truffles.

If you are into meats and patè, you should totally try any charcuterie platter. From assortment of cured hams, jamon serrano and salami to a great wild forest mushroom patè, everything comes with a delicious presentation.

cutting prochutto

plateau delice 3

Plateaux Dèlice – assortment of salami, cured meats, mortadella and three cheeses

plateau delice

poire fromage 2

Poire Fromage-sweet pear, prosciutto with bleu cheese, drizzled with white cherry syrup

Chef George Silva cooks everyday a new soup but you have to get the french onion soup. The homemade crostini and melted cheese on top makes it a perfect starter.french onion

Fromage looks like a nice cafeteria from outside but it offers a surprisingly good dinner menu as well as new specials every week. Bring a date and enjoy a glass of red wine with any of these amazing plates.

pork carre

Pork carrè with berries and steamed spinach

octopus salad 2

Fresh octopus salad

Hanger steak

One of my favourites – hanger steak with chimichurri sauce and homemade roasted potatoes

shrimp carbonara

Shrimp Carbonara – seared shrimps, green peas and papardelle pasta in cream sauce.


Don’t forget the good wine. I recommend you to try this one – Meiomi Pinot Noir is smooth, easy-drinking wine with light fruity finish.


I told you how much I miss the french style crepes, right? I just don’t like American style pancakes (don’t judge me). Fromage has literally the best sweet and savory crepes that you can get around. Thin, crispy, buttery, with honey, nutella, homemade fruit preserves, fresh berries are my favourite. Hungry? I am now!

Fromage is located at 401 West Broadway, South Boston MA.


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