My name is Irena Dimova. I live in Boston, MA.  I was born and raised in Bulgaria. I was always surrounded by amazing dishes cooked mostly by my mom who loves cooking. She taught me that its all about the detail that makes one dish looks good and tastes good. I never really wanted to learn cooking or not until I got jobs in different restaurants. Working in a restaurant allows you to see every single part of creating a dish till actual serving. Seeing cooks secrets and passion about the perfect dish presentation makes you wanna appreciate their work by taking a photo first. I love trying new food all the time and I’ll try to show you as many tried/cooked dishes as possible this year. I believe that you can find at least one ingredient in every dish that you like and you see it in a different way.

My other passion is wine. Wine got me in a totally different world where you always feel like a newbie drinking a different glass of wine trying to figure out which region produce better Cabernet Sauvignon grapes – Napa Valley or Bordeaux. Wine tasting is one of the main reasons I start drinking wine in a different way and enjoying it and describing it in my head with the first sip of a every new bottle I get.

I named my blog Food and Colors because I believe that every color in our food represents something that is good for you and your body. And eating colorful food makes our life not only healthier but positive, adventurous and excited!

I hope you find inspiration in my photos and I hope I can change your mind about at least one food you’ve always thought you hate by only seeing it from a different point of view.


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